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Bernhard R. Fischer's Resources
Download area of Berhard R. Fischer. Various materials worked out during my educational career at the University of Vienna, Proggies, Sources, and other stuff.
Bernhard's Tutoriumscorner
The LDAP Radius Project. An LDAP extension to Cistron Radius.
JCube - The Java OLAP Project. A Java-based OLAP Engine using the multi-dimensional approach.
libhpxml – A High Performance XML Stream Parser.
smfilter – A Seamark Preprocessor for OSM.
smrender – A Rule-based Rendering and Data-processing Tool for OSM Data.
utdns – A Converter for UDP/DNS to TCP/DNS.
parsefsh – A decoder for Raymarine's ARCHIVE.FSH files.
Other Resources
freeskippers-logo FreeSkippers.at Bernhard Sailor
OnionCat An Anonymous Internet Overlay
cypherpunk.atMy tech and society blog

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